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West side of Bømlo,North Sea

Bømlo lies at the end of the Hardangerfjord,  right out towards the North Sea, outside the island of Stord and between Haugesund and Bergen.

The municipality of Bømlo concists of over 1000 small and larger islands. We are connected to the mainland via bridges and under - sea tunnel. There is also a ferry service from Langevåg at the south of the island to Buavåg (north of Haugesund).

Karo Hytteutleige, Stautland is situated on the west side of Bømlo, geographically in the middle.  We can offer well-equipped comfortable holiday cottages/apartment in a tranquil child - friendly environment, close to the sea, lakes and forest.  Bømlo`s stunning archipelago coastline provides a never ending number of boating possibilities in protected waters, whilst a 15 minutes boat trip takes you to the open sea.

Bømlo has scenic and varied nature. There are many marked hiking tracks on the island, both in forest terrain and along the coastline.

Stautland is a small village with 50 inhabitants.  The village has two small and one larger farms.  the largest has milking cows, the smaller ones faarm sheep.

Karo Hytteutleige is part of the second largest farm wich produces some cattle, sheep, hens  and  rabbits .  I, Kari, ran this farm together with my husband Roar until 2002  when our eldest daughter took over the farm, leaving us to consentraate on the holiday cattages. Both our daughters, with husbands and children  live here on the farm .  Since Roar is a sailor, it`s  good to have someone around to lend a hand when necessary.

Karo 1 and Karo 2 are situated on the farm, abouth 200m from the main road.  Karo 3 lies in the forest, abouth 500m from the main road along a forest roadwith a sea view.

The holiday cotages and apartment are well-equipped and the aearea is tranquil and child-friendly.

We have our own quay with moorings, shed and 2 filleting tables (with separate hoses).  Each cottage/apartment has its own boat.  We have 9,9 hp outboard motors for hire.  The forest road takes you to a car park 100m from the sea.  From here there is 100m easy path to the quay.

Erslandsvatnet offers freshwater fishing for trout and eel.  We have two small boats available free of charge that enable you to fish on the whole lake.  Otherwise there are 3 designated fishing areas on land.  Fishing permits are available on the farm.  Many other lakes on the island also offer fishing permits.

The forest above the farm provides good hiking terain, either on tractor roads, deer tracks or marked hiking tracks.  In the autumn there are plentyof blueberries, cowberries and mushrooms to pick freely.  You can find wild raspberries and blackberries too.                                                                                                                  

Bømlo has a unique flora and a rich birdlife and animal life.  200 species of birds and 22 mammals have been registered , including red deer, hare, eagle black grouse and capercaillie. The coastal climate with warm winters, combined with areas of chalky soil, provide an ideal growing environment for many rare plants.

Finnås lies 3,5 km south of Stautland.  Here you will find the nearest supermarket, petrol station, souvenirs and a small knitting shop.   Finnås Marina supplies fishing tackle and outboard motor spares.

Svortland, Bømlo`s administrative centre, lies 8 km from Stautland.  In Svortland you will  find all that you need: post office, 2 banks, 2 cash point machines, pharmacy, doctors`surgery, dentist, veterinary practice, library, cafes, hotel, petrol stations and shops of all kinds.

From Bømlo you can take a day trip to Bergen, haugesund or along the Hardanger fjord.  There are regular coach services and express boat routes to Stord, Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger.



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